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Conscious Casualwear. For the Wild at Heart.

Emanating from the twisted, murky, and somewhat questionable mind of a Scottish biologist in 2022, Rogue Kelpie is an environmentally-conscious clothing company that specialises in comfortable, versatile and vibrant casualwear made from recycled, repurposed and renewable resources.

The Original Rogue

Hi, I’m Kirsty: molecular biologist by trade, Rogue by nature! I have a passion for vibrant colours, a professional love-hate relationship with plants and slugs, a twisted sense of humour, and a love for the Great Outdoors.

Especially when it involves a pub.

Now, what I DON’T love doing, is buying sheds load of clothes…  In fact, I’ve never really considered myself to be one of your stereotypical ‘fashion people.’ I just tend to put on what first comes to hand in the morning, which is usually an over-sized hand-me-down or an outrageously bright item of clothing bought from a small independent retailer.

Being perfectly honest… I hardly ever buy clothes!

When I do, it’s because I truly need something! Something durable, reliable and functional that can handle the abuse of hiking through the hills, being chewed on by horses, or sitting in a pub chair for several hours on end.

And even when I damage an item of clothing, I typically turn to my amateur ‘care and repair’ healthcare services to patch up rips and pad out holey pockets before even considering a replacement!

Now, whilst this attitude to clothing is partly driven by my dread of visiting shopping centres, it’s also influenced by sentimental attachments, financial priorities, and a subconscious attraction of mine to the distinct; the quirky; and the story behind the item. It wasn’t until I really started thinking about my clothes more, that I realised that my clothes shopping habits benefitted more than just my finances – it also reduced my contribution to a ‘fast-fashion’ industry and helped me improve my environmental impact as a consumer.

And it is this preference for a slower-paced approach to fashion for the sake of the environment that has shaped the overall ethos of Rogue Kelpie:

To ‘use, abuse, repair and re-wear’ clothing made from recycled, recovered and renewable resources, and better appreciate the natural world in which we live…

…whilst wearing really, really bright clothing.

Good Things Come in Small Batches

As part of the Rogue Kelpie approach to minimising our environmental impact, all of our clothing will be made in small batches by a local manufacturing studio in the UK. This approach will reduce the amount of textile waste produced during the manufacturing process, and ensure that we are only using what we need to make what you need.

We will therefore not be bulk-manufacturing clothing in the thousands. In fact, most of the Rogue Kelpie range will be made-to-order through our website or a pre-launch event! As such, you can guarantee that your Rogue Kelpie clothing was made ethically just for you.